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ATTENTION: We support signature available payment methods!
Only JR VIP | MODS from BHW can ask here or here another payment method: eg. PayPal

Our service is BACK and we are ready to take new orders. We support and deliver following VCC for these services:
  • PayPal Verification (WorldWide)
  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon AWS
  • NetFlix Trial Account
  • Ahrefs 7-Day Trial Account
  • MOZ Trial Account
  • HBO Go Trial Account 1 month
  • Spotify 3 months Trial account
  • MLab Account
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Play Developer Account
  • Many other Online Services - ask on ticketing when you open the TICKET

PLEASE KEEP THE TICKETING SIMPLE AND ALSO COMPLETE FOR WHAT SERVICE DO YOU NEED THE VCC - please read our signature (if you can't see it in ticketing, check email on spam/bulk) and please make sure you will look into SPAM/BULK folder for our emails - WE DON'T ANSWER TO EMAILS / SKYPE / TELEGRAM.

Terms&Conditions for VCC
  1. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE. Once the VCC was issued you can't have any REFUND. Ask more on ticketing - someone can help you to pay or create an account for $2 or more.
  2. Ask all the question you need on TICKETING and then order. TICKET will be closed after 3 days. OPEN A NEW TICKET INSTEAD OF REOPENING THE CLOSED ONE.
  3. Reloadable VCC ordered to pay for different services like: Facebook ADS, Google ADS, whatever other services will be reloaded in maximum 2 business days from the payment confirmation.
  4. In case of VCC delivered for Google ADS - we will guarantee that these VCC will pass billing step - WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THEY ARE SUSPENDED - ASK IN TICKETING ABOUT IT.
  5. REFILL FEE for all VCC is NOT NEGOTIABLE AND IS 14% FROM THE AMOUNT LOADED. See above point 3 as well.
  6. All answers will be GIVEN here and not in PM of the BHW Forum. Please avoid filling the PM of BHW users with questions.
For better and quick cooperation, please answer our questions from the ticket opening session and will serve you best VCC which is suitable for your needs - is not required to complete the field for phone number - you can put SPACE or 0 - is just a ticketing system new requirement.
These VCC should be used as intended and you can't buy GUNS / AMMO because they are issued in EEA and EEA doesn't have the right to do it.

PLEASE!!! Make sure you will check your Spam/Junk section on your email for our response. Also replying on email will not update the ticketing system.

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